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The Current Position:President Speech

    It is the support and help from all circles that make for Huaming’s establishment, growth and development. Inspired by your support, Huaming will never stop its steps to moving forward and will make unremitting endeavor as return to the society. It is also the social care, support and expectation that build up our spirit of self-motivation and progressive struggle.

    During the process to make our company from a small one to a big one, I am very fortunate to get acquainted with many renowned people in business circle and many experts in the field of Rail Transit AFC In the process of contact with all of them, I have learned and acquired a lot of treasured managerial experience which is definitely an essential wealth of knowledge to make Huaming more successful and bigger in the future.

    On the road to make Huaming a success, I am also fortunate enough to have a good group of colleagues who share the same beliefs and ideals with me. We respect each other, encourage each other, help each other and complement the insufficiency of each other. In this way, the arduous and undistinguished tasks and routines are converted into creative work and gradually form our splendid achievement.

    The way to get profound knowledge and grand morality is endless and boundless. The value of one person shall not be judged by how much fortune he or she has obtained but rather by one’s willingness and endeavor to create more valuable resources for social use. Looking forward to the future, my colleagues and me will persistently regard enterprise as the platform to build Huaming into the most outstanding AFC manufacturer in China. We will ceaselessly develop Huaming in return to our family members, our staff, and society and realize the true value of ourselves.

    Lastly I would like to reiterate my sincere gratitude to your concerns and support for Huaming!